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Before and after Certified Magenta Sanding Services in Edmonton

Certified sanding services is the perfect solution for commercial properties that may already have snowplow / removal services in place. To keep lots safe we recommend the following steps after an Edmonton snowfall:

  1. Remove snow after hours – this reduces business disruption, ensures the lot is cleaned faster, and its cleaned better as lots are normally empty after hours
  2. Apply a sanding service – even with all the snow removed in many cases the lot is left with a thin layer of ice from either previous snowfalls or the effects of global warming. This creates a very dangerous environment for employees and consumers.
  3. Follow up sanding services – as the lot is used and weather conditions change keeping sidewalks and lots sanded ensures your property complies with Edmonton city bylaws and reduces the risk of potential injury insurance claims.

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City bylaws and commercial liability insurance require that all public sidewalks must be kept clear of snow and ice to ensure public safety.

  • Warning: Global warming conditions have created higher than normal temperature fluctuations and unpredictable weather patterns. This has increased the risk of personal injury claims due to the constant melting of snow and ice that quickly freezes into ice as temperatures then plunge to below freezing.
It’s common for sidewalks to appear safe when a thin layer of ice exists, this is a risk to pedestrians and violates city bylaws if left unsanded.

Commercial properties need regularly sanding services as icy conditions occur from the following:

  • Freezing rain
  • Extreme cold
  • Daily freezing / thawing
  • Wind / whip / slick up
  • Water main breaks
  • High traffic snowpack

Global warming has created larger then normal temperature swings over shorter periods of time leading to unsafe parking lot and sidewalk conditions.

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