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Magenta ProGreen Rock Depot

We get it. Budgets are tight and you want to make your money stretch as far as possible in today’s economic conditions.

The Magenta ProGreen Rock Depot is the perfect solution for DYI property managers looking to keep their properties safe from accidents while still keeping an eye on your operation costs.

We have it all for you:

  • Product – the best rock chip in Edmonton at a price anyone can afford
  • Service – We provide Rock Chip after hours & weekends
  • Supply – Profession parking lot safety with no contract obligations

This is a great option residential and commercial properties looking to use a DYI rock chip solution.

Alberta winters experience some of the harshest living conditions in Canada. It’s not uncommon for freezing rain, extreme cold, blizzard conditions, and blowing snow to make any parking lot a public risk. If you want to keep your property safe you better be prepared to keep it sanded regularly.

We sell as part a complete DYI property management solution the following:

  • Short and long term Rock Box rentals
  • DYI refills or call us to keep them full for you
  • High grade commercial Ice Melt built for Alberta winters
  • No contract requirements

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